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Privacy Policy

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1.0 Introduction

This document details what information we may hold about you, why we hold it, and how we may use it. If you represent a charity, you may also wish to refer to our charity privacy policy.

This policy applies to Give as you Live Instore (, formerly known as Cards for Causes. If you use other products and services from Give as you Live Ltd, additional policies may apply - you should check the relevant website(s) for those additional policies.

This policy was last updated on 23rd March 2021.

2.0 What information we store about you

Give as you Live Instore is a closed membership scheme. It can only available to existing Give as you Live users, or alternatively to people who have been referred as part of their charity membership.

Because Give as you Live and Give as you Live Instore are linked products and your account can be used to access either product, you may also wish to view the Give as you Live Online privacy policy as there is additional information regarding your data and how you are contacted that is specific to Give as you Live but not Give as you Live Instore.

If you have been referred to Give as you Live Instore as part of your charity membership, then you are able to sign up for a new account. When you do so, the only personal information we require are your name and email address. You also choose a password, whilst your charity is based on your charity membership.

Within your account, you may optionally provide more personal information such your date of birth, gender and address. You may amend or remove this information at any time via your account.

We store information regarding your activity on Give as you Live Instore, including search terms, adding products to your baskets and the procession through the ordering and payment process, and technical information such as your browser and IP address. We may use external tools, such as Google Analytics, to collect such information.

As payments and fulfilment of orders are handled via our partner Hawk Incentives Limited, any data relating to this will be collected by them and shared with us. As such you will also be subject to Hawk Incentives's terms and conditions and privacy policy.

3.0 How we may contact you

By signing up to Give as you Live Instore, you agree to terms and conditions. This includes giving us permission to send you promotional emails relating to Give as you Live Instore and other products and services we may offer - unless you opt out at the point of sign-up or at a later date.

Examples of such promotional emails include shopping offers from our retailers, or the release of a new feature/product, or the launch of a competition.

You can opt out of our promotional emails using the unsubscribe link that is included in all such emails, or via your Give as you Live account.

Your opt-out status does not affect the sending of transactional emails - for example emails confirmation an order or donation, or emails relating to accessing your account.

If you contact us, for instance via phone or email, you give us permission to contact you relating to your query. Doing so will not result in your details being added to any promotional email lists.

4.0 How we use your information

The personal information we store may be used to tailor our service to you. Examples of this include sending you a promotional email based on which retailers you have bought giftcards for using Give as you Live Instore, or sending you a reminder if you have not recently topped up your giftcard. On our website, it may involve us highlighting particular retailers based on your history or demographic data.

We may also use your information - including personal, technical and usage data - for internal purposes such as statistical analysis. This is so that we can understand how our products and services are being used and to aid the decisions we make.

5.0 How data may be shared

We may publicly display basic personal information - for example in the form of a "leader board" showing your name and amount raised. You have the option within your account to change your publically-displayed name or to change it to 'Anonymous'.

We may publicly display anonymous shopping data - for example a list of recent donations for a charity ("£2 raised at ASDA").

You can decide if your personal information is shared with your supported charity. This can be done at the point of sign-up or later via your account. The charity may therefore contact you and you will be subject to their own privacy policy.

Please note that if you change your charity, your information will still be accessible to your previously supported charities. If you withdraw you consent, we will contact you to establish your wishes regarding previously shared data.

Shopping and donation data may also be accessible to charities, however this will be in an anonymised and aggregated form, and is therefore unaffected by your choice of consent.

As mentioned previously, payments and fulfilment of orders are handled via our partner Hawk Incentives Limited. Whilst they collect data during the payment process as required to fulfil the order, there may be cases where we share data with them in order to provide our service to you. The main example of this would be when you contact us with a query regarding an order and we need to contact Hawk Incentives in order to investigate the query. Another example would be if Hawk Incentives have requested information for the purposes of fraud prevention or for legal reasons.

We may use a variety of tools and services - including, but not limited to, email marketing tools, Facebook advertising tools, and Google advertising/analytical tools - which may involve uploading and processing your data in order to provide a service to us.

In the result that our company is sold, the ownership of data is transferred to the acquiring company. If this happens, we will endeavour to inform you about this and of your rights.

Outside of these scenarios, we do not pass your personal data onto any third parties without your explicit content.

6.0 Cookies

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer by websites. The information cannot be seen by any other websites (so the information is secure) and is used by us to provide features to aid the use of our services.

Cookies need to be enabled in order for you to access your account, whilst the tracking of donations relies upon cookies. Therefore, the intended use of Give as you Live Instore requires cookies to be enabled.

For more information about how we use cookies, please see our cookie policy.

7.0 Security

We endeavour to follow best practices and fulfil all legal obligations with regards to the security of your data and personal information.

In order to access your account with us, you choose a password which is used in combination with your email address to sign in with. It is also your responsibility to keep your password safe. If you use Facebook to log in to your account, the same applies to your Facebook access details.

We cannot take responsibility if you voluntarily or involuntarily enable someone else to access your account and gain access to any personal information stored.

You may change your password at any time via your account.

8.0 Compliance with GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU regulation that applies from 25th May 2018. It re-enforces and adds to existing regulations (such as the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1988) regarding how we use your personal information and communicate with you. As a company, we seek to be in compliance with these regulations.

Access to data - you have the right to request a copy of the personal information we hold about you. You may request this by contacting us. We do have the right to charge a fee or refuse unreasonable requests.

Consent - at the point of sign-up, you can optionally give us consent to communicate with you via email. You can change your decision at any time via your your Give as you Live account. In addition, all promotional emails contain an unsubscribe link. Likewise with your option to share your basic personal data with your supported charity, you may grant this consent at the point of sign-up and change your decision later via your account.

"Right to be forgotten" - you have the right to request that we remove any personal information we hold about you. If you wish for us to remove your personal data, please contact us. Please note that this will result in the closure of your account, whilst non-personal information may be retained in an anonymised form. Following your initial request, we will contact you to verify your identify and to establish your wishes regarding any data previously shared with charities, businesses or retailers. Please note that we will be unable to fulfil the request without this verification.

9.0 Who we are and how to contact us

Give as you Live Instore is owned and operated by Give as you Live Limited, a registered company in England & Wales (company number 5181419), with registered offices at 13 The Courtyard, Timothy's Bridge Road, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 9NP, United Kingdom.

We are registered under the Data Protection Act, registration no. Z8852513.

Should you wish to contact us, please send us a message.