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We're rated on Feefo from 1,448 reviews - here's some of the feedback we've received from happy shoppers

Simple systems are super. Ease of use, happy to recommend to others.
~ Tricia

"Really easy to sign up and use. I'll be using it for all my online purchases to raise money for my charity, Inspire!"
~ Julia

"Every penny counts! The accumulated donations all add up and I am happy to continue using the Give as you Live website."
~ Anonymous

"An easy way to raise money for a favourite charity."
~ JJ

"This is an excellent system to allow donations through online spending with popular retailers."
~ James

"Excellent idea. I applaud the idea of helping my charity while shopping and this does just that. "
~ Janet

An excellent idea. A very easy way to give money to your favourite charity.
~ June

I do a lot of online shops and it's a good way to donate. Lovely way to be able to donate. Non-intrusive.
~ Sara

I love the idea of Give as you Live and I've recommended it to everyone I know and shared it on social media.
~ Kelly

Worth doing - need to remember. Very simple to use.
~ Teresa

Easy way to donate. Straightforward.
~ Sue

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